All physical releases listed here earlier are sold out now.
But there is help in sight.

Stores and distribution

Please find digital downloads at Biesentales’ Bandcamp and/or Air Cushion Finish’s Bandcamp.

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  • === Physical releases below are sold out or only available via concerts, stores, distribution. However you can use the form to receive our newsletter in the future. List below is for reference only.===
  • 001 • Air Cushion Finish - Bleifuss is SOLD OUT. Buy digital.
  • 002 • The Biesentales - Get used to strange is SOLD OUT. Buy digital.
  • 003 • Ellen Schneider is SOLD OUT.
  • 004 • Air Cushion Finish & Lichens - live in Biesenthal is SOLD OUT. Buy digital or vinyl.

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