Hello visitor,
The home of our music network and community place got bought by us on November 12th, 2019.
You can still help Wokule to bear the costs, please go to W O K U L E ( English /en/ )

7 hours of radio from Wokule visiting musicians since 2003: On Mixcloud
The show aired on October 18th, 2019, 16-22h on Berlin’s great Cashmere Radio.

Thank you, Cashmere Radio!


Saturdays every 4 weeks BIESENTALES Radio is live on CASHMERE RADIO
Past shows are online there as well.

Next camp concert:

21.02.2020 KARL BLAU

Our latest releases
Biesentales #007
Recordings from IXELON
called Bild, ohne baum
available digital and on music cassette.

& Biesentales #006:
is a biesenthal recording of Contact Field Orchestra & Air Cushion Finish aka ACFO
called Combat for Tiger Chicken
available digital and on C40 music cassette.

You can also join our growing streaming radio community at